Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cover Song - Konya wa Boogie Back//

The funny thing about those who are just getting into the Japanese music scene is that they may not realize their new favorite song is just a cover.  More than likely if you were to mention the song's title to someone from Japan, that person would only associate it with the well-established original.  Because of this, I want to start showing some classic Jpop songs and their more modern versions.

Up first is Kenji Ozawa & Scha Dara Parrs's classic "今夜はブギーバック/Konya wa Boogie Back".  Originally released in 1993, it has been sung by everyone from Hikaru Utada to Sparta Locals.

And then Chakkamanz took hold of it

Then Dell Feat. Clock

More famously Kreva

Most recently TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET + HALCALI

So it goes to show that you may be giving due where it belongs.

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