Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Conspiracy behind Taiji's death//

Last night my boyfriend referred me to an interesting blog post by Daisuke from THE SOUND BEE, concerning the recent death of Taiji.  It is quite curious and could possibly make anyone consider the circumstances a little more.  While I will not express my opinions, I can completely understand why Daisuke and his team are searching for more answers.

Here's a link to the original blog post followed by my translation.

I keep thinking there’s no way, no way it’s suicide.

It might be true that he acted violently, but the issue is that he acted violently on the plane, not to mention restricting him from foreign soil. There's no question about that.

But, setting that aside.

When my staff participated in X Japan’s lives with Taiji, they were acting as management.

And so the question is who is his management now.
This has become the current issue.

I was told by my staff that Taiji was in Saipan, but the next day
Conflicting information had emerged
When it was reported he was in serious condition.
How’s that?

My staff got mail from him saying he was alright.

That’s correct, mail from his own terminal .
So my staff told me he’s alive and well, not to worry.
Now my staff is now moving to reveal the truth.

What’s weird is the current subject of a female manager.

Because he has various staff, anyone could have mailed as him.
Who could it be?
Taiji's blog was deleted from his computer.
Who could it be?

It appears as if the full picture is something that can’t be seen.

Why were they bringing his estranged relatives, but stopping his current fiancé? 
Why is it so hard to extradite him if his remains are cremated? 

What’s wrong with having an autopsy? 
Besides it seems like he killed himself in police custody on that island.

I guess because the world’s so small that if you have authority it can be under your control

My management is going to collect information and stir to return his remains to the family

Because we can’t do a funeral like this 
Because something seems wrong what I want to say is 
Everyone raise your voices more and more and drag this female manager into the media 
I want mass communication to be mobilized to explain current affairs or to bring this investigation to an end

My staff said they can’t trust the news reports so easily.
Here it seems like his female manager is still breathing.

Anyhow, I know it’s a difficult thing because there’s the problem of being isolated from that country, but if it wasn’t suicide...

I…Taiji was a little messed up, but I [or he] hate the thought of suicide.

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